Yes, I Am Back

So, the old castironcyclist (.com) is gone, because I let it lapse and even though no one is using it, some registrar is just sitting on it.  So this is the NEW – because, well, it *is* a blog.

You can expect to hear me rant about stuff, talk about bikes and camping, review gear, talk about things I cooked on and off the bike, rave about my wife and son, and just generally make a nuisance of myself.

One of the primary reasons for starting another blog is that Facebook is a poor format (and forum) for a lot of what I talk about, so I want it somewhere where I have control over the narrative. (instead of Facebook)

So bookmark or RSS this, or whatever, and hang on, ’cause we’re in for a slow, fully-loaded and self-supported ride, as you’d expect.  🙂

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